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Incurable Diver; The Smoke Might be a Place

Incurable Diver; The Smoke Might be a Place:   a series of sculptures, still quite young, yet brimming with a love of material research, animal families, truth and photography (perhaps as they obfuscate and elucidate each other), aesthetic-specific scaffoldings, and reimagined furnitures. 

The Smoke has many sources;

        Dreams, firstmostly, Fred Wilson’s language and careful observations of preexisting objects, manipulating positions and confronting meanings in beauty and ugliness; Tarkovsky’s Stalker and the mystical water pool scene, a certain fear of something ending or beginning and the gaps in between; Emily Dickinson’s poem I heard a Fly Buzz when I died; Ana Mendieta’s Silueta series the significant typology of a female bodys curated structures; Kevin Zucker’s shelving prints, 5 archetypal objects, and Ann Cvetkovich’s essay In the Archive of Lesbian Feelings, my desire to create “a radical archive of emotion” that once accessed should both preserve and produce a knowledge of a thing and a feeling. Yet these influences and the space in which the sculptures are shown make them complicit with the walls of a gallery, and walls of accessibility, and complicit with my own textual inspirations, culled from animate dreams and transcribed into narrative-fragments. Perhaps these sculptures are large new paginations, squeezed into magnified details of a sentence, a syntax, a typology and typography; perhaps they are tables, and stairs, and chairs, perhaps they are an after image, unlending of themselves to be photographed well or in an understandable way. 

cast fish (gypsum, Canon black photo ink suspended), scraping, living carbons (1 goldfish, 2 moths, 2 houseflies), MDF (66"x22")

Could they become rocks?

Flightless shells weighing less each moment

Added water in wings - and a powder finish

A fold frozen and singing 

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